Weigh Stations
Most Complete Map

Fixed Stations
Get information about 1446 verified permanent weigh stations (truck weigh station, port of entry, truck inspection area) on US and Canada highways.
Mobile Stations
Jack Reports will inform you about 957 roadside locations for portable weigh scales and 832 rest areas with weigh station scales or inspection sites.
Virtual Stations
There ara 1191 verified weigh-in-motion sites (as a rule it's near permanent dot weigh station location as part of a bypass system).
Weigh Stations Statuses On Map

Highway First
Mapping Platform

Jack Reports offers you an alternative to expensive truck GPS navigation.

This is a clear and detailed mapping of the highway, turning the entire path into an easy and straight road tape.

The optimized cartography keeps you up to date with nearest truck scales statuses all the way without being distracted from driving.

Weigh Station Status
Real-Time Monitoring

Powered by artificial intelligence and a community of truck drivers, Jack Reports keeps you up to date with weigh stations is OPEN or CLOSED.

Jack Reports understands if user visits closest weigh station and automatically updates the status. Fellow drivers can update the status of a local weigh station too.

Jack Reports understands highway you are on and send notification in advance if nearest weigh station on your route is open .

Real-Time Monitoring Technologies
Complete & Accurate Weigh Stations Database

Complete & Accurate
Weigh Stations Database

Based on 50+ verified sources and a community of truck drivers, Jack Reports were able to collect a huge regularly updated database with information about 2546 truck weigh scales in the US and Canada.

Jack Reports knows more then OPEN or CLOSED about weigh station status. Artificial intelligence analyze a lot of data and generate real-time detailed status and statuses history to track patterns.

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