Victor Turcanu
Jul 15, 2:16 AM
A very nice and clean rest area. Beautiful views around also.
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Gary Howard
Jul 8, 2:43 PM
Very clean for a roadside test area, no problems
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Lorraine Totten
Jun 22, 7:44 PM
It was a beautiful area with views of fields and farmlands to enjoy. Plenty of trees and bench seating available and an area for you to let your four legged friends stretch their legs.
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Tasha Baron
Apr 17, 11:18 PM
Beautiful place to stop for a rest and stretch. Lots of nice areas with picnic tables and a pet exercise are! Bathrooms where very clean and nice.
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Gina Guajardo
Jan 7, 12:59 PM
Very convienent location to stop and take a break, stretch and use the lavatory. Staff was very kind and helpful.
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