Dolores D.
Jan 8, 10:20 AM
Not many options here for food but at least there's a McDonald's next to this place. There is a subway but down stairs. There's one bathroom for women....
M. Hartman
Jul 18, 7:07 PM
Nice truck stop with gas being a few pennies cheaper than other stations nearby. Convenience store, A Subway restaurant, restrooms on the main floor. Upstairs there is a game room, showers(for truck drivers), a driver's lounge with tv's, fuel desk and a driver's store. Diesel available.
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Christopher Brej
Jul 13, 5:59 PM
Could have THE WORST PUMPS EVER. Equipment original to the station, so 20-25 years old. They are slow in processing transactions. My son has had a transaction interrupted to his dismay and inconvenience. I avoid this station as much as possible because of the pumps. People are very nice and helpful but avoid it if you can because of those damn pumps. The BP on the opposite side of that intersection has modern pumps that are fast and will get you out quickly. Also, that's where the Starbucks is at... Just saying if you got a choice you know where you need to go and it's not the Pilot.
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Tina R.
Jun 20, 5:28 AM
No salads, unless you go to Subway. No convenience foods, that would be freed or healthy. McDonalds next door. Stairs everywhere, hard on anyone with a bad...
Barbie Piwinski
Jun 18, 6:00 PM
Stopped in only to use their bathroom. Very clean, pleasant smelling, a definite stop! They also have a Subway located inside and an area where you can buy snacks, like candy, chips, prezels, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, etc.!! It's a great Truck Stop so that could be why the variety is so great!!🚛⛽🍬🍫🍟🌯
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Maria Dersch
Jun 6, 12:12 AM
I used to be a fan of pilot unfortunately and more recent years there seems to be a lot of people from Akron soliciting people as you pump gas for money. Three times I've gone there and three times I've been stopped by strangers sitting at a pump claiming that they're out of money and wanted to know if I could give them a couple of dollars so they could get gas to go home. The store never has much of anything to choose from no Donuts often found dirty I wouldn't recommend stopping at this place
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Jennifer Adams
Jun 3, 12:18 AM
Clean. Nice staff. Nice caffeine selection. Great bathrooms, not regular stalls but floor length doors good privacy. Seems like the truckers like it there too. Stop in whenever I'm in the area and need to pee.
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 10, 2:49 PM
lots of spots
May 24, 9:43 PM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Jan 27, 12:09 PM
some spots
Rob C.
Feb 24, 7:12 PM
What a disappointment. I don't understand why these kinds of places upgrade their gas pumps to pay-at-the-pump except for their auto diesel pumps. Nothing...