AMBEST Fuel Stop

Carl-Eric Wesley
May 27, 11:15 PM
Thanks for generous truck parking and maneuvering room on I-20 and US-281, about 1.25 hrs West of Ft. Worth, TX! ? Inexpensive, high quality (when fresh, especially) hot TexMex (?) food much appreciated! ?
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May 21, 2:44 PM
Made a quick stop here to grab a soda. The station was in decent condition. The insides of the store were reasonably well organized, a small dining area was next to the front windows of the store. I saw a few people eating there while watching the TV's mounted from the ceiling. I stopped to watch the news on my way thru the store.
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Reynold Blanchard
May 18, 9:07 PM
Bathrooms are absolutely disgusting! Shouldn’t have stopped here. Keep driving!
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Dontez Cristol
Jan 12, 11:26 AM
I don’t like leaving bad reviews, but I must do so now. This is for the Laredo taco place. I waited while three ladies were preparing the food. I asked what time they opened and one replied 5:00am. My phone said it was 5:30. And nothing was ready, they acted like I wasn’t standing there. So I walked away. Not my fault you’re worthless workers. That makes me not trust the food. But the cashier was very nice greeting everyone. He was cool!
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Nov 3, 12:44 AM
Good place to fuel. A big plus is that they’re little windshield wash stations are maintained. Coffee and burritos are really good as well.
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