Misty Wagenseller
Jul 12, 9:00 PM
Very clean friendly fast staff
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Y Walt
Dec 9, 4:28 AM
Love going to this location. Excellent service with great food choices.
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sumer rose
Jun 24, 7:42 PM
Just your average convenience store but i love their pizza here. For a convenience store its pretty good.
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Refried Beans
May 9, 12:34 AM
No Wi-Fi and Taco Johns gave my the squirts! It's still a new place, so mabe they will figure out how to cook food properly? Plenty of parking, as long as National Beef down the road is not backed up with trucks.
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Apr 27, 3:36 AM
Got a bad tank of diesel here. Car ran perfect on the way into the station, couldn't go 70mph immediately after. Go elsewhere.
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