Rudolf Gerzen
Sep 14, 8:59 PM
Best rest area I have bin to! Amazing view
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Joe Ponce
Sep 9, 6:22 AM
It seems to be under some kind of construction. But still an awesome place to see as well as walk around. It does have restrooms that are clean.
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Fawn Pratt
Sep 5, 6:32 PM
The rest area's in Utah are great! Around Kane rest area was some awesome!
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Peter Dunlap
Sep 4, 5:38 PM
It's a rest stop. Tables were clean. Bathrooms we're good. Vending machine was almost empty, but they had a REAL MAP!!! Which saved us since there's no signal. GPS would've left us nowhere.
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Celeste Ruppelt
Jun 28, 5:18 AM
Impressed with this very nice rest stop. A CLEAN well-cared for place to use the bathroom, shade to park in, picnic tables to enjoy a picnic lunch and wonderful green trees to break the desert sun, and stretch one's legs before going on. Grateful for places like this on long tips where it isn't always easy to find adequate places to 'take care of business'.
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Nov 7, 2:58 AM
no police
some spots