Fellow Trucker
Apr 11, 3:50 PM
no police
some spots
Zarmo P. Fudpucker
Jun 17, 6:47 PM
Nice and clean. For me, was a long walk to the restroom. Happy they had a bench for me to sit on to rest my back. Otherwise I would have had to unload my wheelchair. NEEDS SOME SHADE.
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Edward Cotton
Apr 26, 4:50 PM
Great little place to stop. The picnic table in the very back is the best. Shade and creek. Restroom and stretching area. No other services.
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Joshua Datig
Apr 11, 8:13 PM
Beautiful spot but I Spent 6 hours broken down here. No cell service for at&t. The park attended was truly a saving angel. Let me use his cell phone and let my kids get out of the cold in his office for over 3 hours. If you're ever there please give him a hug and remember to pick up after your dog in the big lush pet area.
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Rachel Badia
Mar 31, 2:07 AM
Beautiful open beach! Great place to find sand dollars.
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BL Maez
Mar 8, 10:19 PM
Nice rest area. Walked around the grounds and saw there is also a unisex bathroom, which is located in the back of the building. Would stop here again.
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