Ben C.
Mar 27, 12:55 PM
No silverware, I was hungry so I unsuccessfully tried to eat the hash browns with my car keys. I found that it was pretty easy mashing the hash browns...
Tom B.
Mar 21, 9:44 AM
I stoped for gas but ended up eating at the restaurant I just had a burger and fries but I like the trucker atmosphere and portions plus the gas prices are...
Jan 5, 12:07 AM
lots of spots
Tom B.
Dec 21, 3:05 PM
The stores smaller than your normal flying J and they don't have a big selection in there hot deli plus there coffee selection sucks but they do have a big...
Shawnna Filer
Jul 3, 7:21 PM
Used to frequent this establishment a lot as I live one mile from the truck stop. Went there last night after an absence of about 8 months & it’s gone totally to pot!! Did away with their gluten free bread. I have Celiac Disease (which is really common). And there was almost nothing on the menu that I could have. The burger on my dad’s patty melt was so small one side of the sandwich had NO meat. There is a new system for paying. Servers have to make change at the table with a plastic pouch they have to carry. We waited an eternity to pay. So we finally gave up & went to the front and our server was stuck up front helping others pay while her other tables were needing her. She ran out of change in her pouch and wasn’t allowed in the till. Had to go get a supervisor, so we waited some more. This place has gone way down hill!! We won’t be back!!
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 27, 6:11 AM
lot is full
Carolyn C.
Jun 18, 11:55 AM
Really great food . Husband ordered Chicken Tenders with mashed potatoes . I ordered the Beef Liver & Onions. Liver was so tender , very tasty . Mashed...
Jason Smith
Jun 9, 4:45 PM
Other workers where nice. Store is not busy at all. I'm the only one there. Clearly feel negative vibes from a middle aged woman. Then she asked me can I go upstairs to wait for a fax. I ask am I in your way. She says yes and bunch up her face like I'm disgusting and sprays down the counter with a cleaner.
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Max Brice
Jun 1, 4:54 AM
If you pass through Bozeman you must stop and just Flying J outside of Briargate it is the most friendliest cleanest Flying J in Montana
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Mitch Hagy
May 20, 5:06 PM
We are planning our trip to Montana with a travel trailer and very simply called to ask if they accomodate RV's with diesel. Asked for a current idea of cost and I was told they to not provide diesel cost and hung up on me. Called back to explain I am a traveler and just need an estimate to calculate my fuel cost over the trip. She hung up on me again. Called back and spoke to the manager who apologized and said she would visit with this individual. Also provided an approximate cost of diesel. First girl very rude and would not take a simple moment to be considerate and helpful. We will pass on this station and let all our Good Sams and RVers know of our experience.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 24, 11:41 PM
some spots
cool sauce
Feb 25, 2:39 AM
This is not your average flying J. No hot dogs stand and no pizza, Just a restaurant. Parking sucks. Am hitting the pilot/ town pump about a mile from here next time. I ain't coming back here.
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Don C.
Nov 28, 12:56 AM
While I am only giving them two stars for being open 24/7, it definitely isn't for the food. Unless you want cold eggs, hash browns, and sausage while...
Fellow Trucker
Apr 6, 5:25 PM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Mar 20, 6:08 AM
I'm ok
Rev R.
Jun 9, 9:51 PM
Best Meatloaf my wife ordered I have ever tasted. It was made with beef and pork lathered in a dark brown sauce. It was moist and tasty as what a surprise...