Kurtis Bondurant
May 28, 4:07 PM
I Needed a radiator and thermostat put in, Carlos got it done quick, and even pointed out a few other issues i had that i didn't know about. Very professional, great service!
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Jennifer Thorpe
Apr 27, 10:35 AM
Absolutely the most disgusting TA I’ve been at. The women’s restroom has a horrible order from not being cleaned properly and there is black mold on the ceilings coming from the air vents. The showers are even worse. I took the shortest shower of my life and tried to not touch anything. Save your money and go across the street to loves. This place should be ashamed
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Trailsend Pheasants
Apr 23, 11:48 PM
They will not let you in the building without a mask on when I asked if they had one so I could buy something to eat "Yes we do they're $15.00" so I went across street to Loves and they gave me one for FREE..I know who's getting my business from now on.
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Fellow Trucker
May 26, 1:13 PM
lots of spots
No Niche Crea shunz
May 8, 3:09 AM
Food was good chicken strips with toast and fries but we stopped to get oil change on semi and they did something wrong now truck wont crank ....the white truck they put oil filter on his truck it was too tight and it busted on him . Please don't come here u will not leave
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Jeff D
Dec 27, 2:01 AM
This is an older truck stop but as it's been said before, the employees are friendly and everything is kept clean. The showers are small but clean. The restaurant is a Country Pride with daily specials and a very friendly staff. The most important thing for a truck driver though, very rarely is there NOT available space to park. (Even if they do keep expanding their paid parking.) I'm here most every week and have yet to see the lot completely full.
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