Pilot Travel Center

Jul 16, 9:04 PM
Easy access to the freeway. Good service.
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Brooke Parrish
Jul 14, 3:32 PM
Stopping here is a complete waste of time. Long lines at the pumps and only 2 stalls in the bathroom. Worst Pilot Station
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Jennifer Jones
Jun 15, 12:43 PM
I love this store, ALWAYS plenty of items to choose from, great gas prices, and good sales on cigs, and other non eatery items.
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Jenna Ronk
May 8, 1:42 PM
Rosa was the most awesome cashier. She was very helpful and saved me tons by asking for my rewards card. I love stopping by the Pilot stores while travling. They are always well stocked and always very clean. They carry just about anything you could ever neef while on a trip or road. Recommend stop if your driving through.
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steve howard
Apr 12, 10:52 AM
I never had any issue visiting this place. The employee r nice & r willing 2 help u find what u need. A good place 2 visit.
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Tom B.
Nov 24, 4:59 PM
Pump 7 was super super slow. Bathrooms were clean. But when main reason for stop is fuel, the pumps drive the rating.
Damit boy
Jun 23, 11:02 PM
lot is full
Shanika G T.
Aug 7, 1:23 PM
Pretty clean establishment. The prices were not bad. The buffalo chicken roll was OK. Nothing special but still an OK place as it relates to a gas station....
Diedre R.
Apr 1, 3:42 PM
About a good hour outside of Savannah, but we were stopping at this exit to eat, so we decide to fill up our gas tanks too. Didn't use the bathroom, but...