Cameron C
Jul 14, 12:11 AM
Great clean toilets. Peaceful and pretty spot.
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Aaron Painter
Jun 16, 7:20 PM
This seemed pretty new and generic, no shade but was clean. A bit too close to the highway to take a nap.
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May 29, 2:51 PM
Nice rest stop area with plenty of parking for all vehicles including very large commercial and semis. Easily seen from freeway and has good signs to help indicate when to exit I40. Has bathrooms for both genders and places for the pets to go too. State operated so I would keep pets on a leash. Nice place to stretch the legs out on your journey. I would recommend this rest area. It's nice like all the ones in New Mexico.
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Alycia Faerie
Mar 24, 7:27 PM
It was very clean and had lovely scenic views. It had amazing picnic areas that we're spaced apart very comfortably so you could enjoy a private meal under a beautiful cover. It had family restrooms as well which is always a plus.
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 1, 3:35 AM
no police
some spots
Andrew Merlin
Dec 12, 3:38 PM
Nice clean rest area. A bit smaller than the average one. Not too much truck parking. There's some really old, run down little adobe farm houses right next to it, sort of cool to see.
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Nov 27, 8:23 PM
no police
lots of spots