Kevin S.
Jul 1, 1:52 AM
Nice little rest area and well-kept. However what's up with the signs that no dogs on the grass people traveling with canines are usually pulling over to let their dog use the restroom and for responsible people that pick it up when they're done maybe change your sign to make sure you pick up your dog's droppings because it's hard to tell my dog stay off the lawn and only go pee and poop on the sidewalk??
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Teena Bridges
Jun 22, 10:21 AM
Safe, CLEAN. I needed to take a repreive from driving. It was perfect!
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Kalee Eldredge
Jun 13, 9:12 PM
The grounds were well kept, and the facilities were very nice compared to others I've been to. There are even picnic tables that are shaded.
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Mariana R.
Jun 9, 4:52 PM
This review is for the month of June on the 15 South. Nice rest stop, lots of shade to walk your pups, no shade for cars so can't nap in day time,...
Nichole Mann
Jun 5, 7:11 PM
We had car troubles so we got our rv towed here. They had room plus good price and dog friendly. Everything was easy to hook up. The rocks you'll need to brush away from hydraulics and tires so it can be more stable. And for your dogs sake watch out for the foxtails and the pokey stickers. But overall such a great breeze nice weather beautiful view just incredible
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Christina Cimino
Mar 3, 12:15 PM
Very nice rest area if your a human. However if your a dog it sucks. Pets are not allowed on the lawn which is silly. They should have dog runs there or a designated pet relief area. Could also use a small playground. They have the grass to make it happen. I stopped at many rest areas with playgrounds when I drove cross country on I 40 and I 10 that we're better equipped. However this place is very clean for sure. Needs less less during sleeping hours or better shaded spots.
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 10, 3:49 AM
no police
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Nov 9, 7:20 PM
no police
lots of spots
Christina D.
Apr 24, 8:39 PM
I get it, rest stops are always gross in Utah. But, this one wasn't half bad... It was only half good thought! Lol When I went in, the lady's room was way...
Ein W.
Jun 5, 2:02 PM
For being right off the freeway - and a public restroom at that - this facility is very well kept. The toilets and sink area were dry, not soiled, and...