Younis Y.
Aug 30, 5:54 PM
Usually has lowest gas prices. Not much else you can say about a gas station. Make sure to use their reward card and get 5 cents off per gallon
Jill Boles
May 30, 11:56 PM
Does not allow trucks to park here
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Blake K
Apr 8, 5:48 AM
First person to 2 star it lol
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Kelly Taber
Apr 5, 12:19 AM
This place sucks parking is 20 dollars for 10 hr break. Not much parking due to the place rents out spots for locals. Not worth stopping here food isn't that great either. Would of given a 0 rating but can't go that low
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 18, 10:51 AM
Bad place
lot is full
Aug 20, 3:02 AM
Ken is the worst cashier... old and stupid....i respect the old cashiers.... that guy it's rude
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P J.
Dec 15, 12:27 PM
Not very happy with the management running this Circle K / Shell. First, they need to put some salt down. As you enter off Harlem, it is a ice rink. Almost...
Petro Kolontai
Nov 6, 2:23 AM
Customer service is the worst I've ever experienced in the USA. Clerk's ignorance is just on another level. Anyone behind the counter calls herself the "manager" Owners of this gas station did a really good job hiring such employees.
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Z B.
May 29, 5:33 AM
It was my first time using this Shell, and it's pretty decent. It's the average gas stop, which contains a general store, a side for gasoline, and the other...