Karla Miller
Jun 22, 7:06 PM
Great rest stop, clean bathrooms, great walking around areas.
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Laura Ardry
Jun 21, 4:48 AM
Beautiful rest area. Right on the Colorado river
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summers Kandy
Apr 13, 4:34 AM
Clean kept up. Bathroom were nice and smelled pleasant
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Brad Farley
Jan 14, 10:09 PM
Good place to stop and stretch.
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Hunter Burchett
Sep 9, 7:25 PM
One of my favorite rest stops ever always clean easy access both directions and beautiful
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cici c.
Aug 13, 11:39 PM
It's more than just a rest stop. Restrooms are clean, there are hiking and biking trails, picnic tables, nice green areas, and beautiful creek view. There's also a ranch nearby but we didn't go in to check it out. The only drawback were lots mosquitoes everywhere.
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Daniel Soo
Jun 15, 3:10 AM
Clean and we'll maintained rest stop
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Jun 7, 10:31 PM
This rest stop is really pretty. There are picnic tables, vending machines. There's parking for cars and RVs with a decent-sized overflow parking lot. There are short, nice paved trails where you can walk your dog and an area where you can actually step down and sit right next to the Colorado River. The bathrooms were clean and well-ventilated. There was enough soap. There were no paper towels but only hand dryers. I was there during the day. I don't know how safe or well lit it would be at night.
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Johnathan Farrington
Dec 15, 11:45 PM
Really nice little rest stop that is basically just a set of restrooms. The restrooms were actually clean all things considered and had warm water which surprised me in the middle of December. The views around are gorgeous and the river beside adds a great reflection of the mountain in the background for photos. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to use the restroom real quick and is not incredibly picky about how the restrooms look.
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Deanna Houle
Oct 24, 5:50 PM
Nice place to stop clean rest rooms and beautiful views
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