Jul 20, 6:18 PM
Very clean
no police
some spots
Dennis M
Jun 30, 2:52 AM
It good place to rest after, long road trip.
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Shana Howard
Jun 25, 12:11 PM
Clean having adequate parking.
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Craig Carleen
May 24, 11:13 PM
It's like a rest stop in the middle of heaven... beautiful countryside..clean air,sky,water.. covered,sheltered walk... manicured lawns and overlook!! ya man refreshing!!
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Todd Edson
May 14, 2:54 PM
Clean, nice place to stretch on a road trip
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Kevin VanHorne
Jul 19, 12:42 PM
Nice clean facilities, ample places to eat and walk, interesting historical markers. Easy in and out from the interstate. Play equipment was closed and there was a bee swarm when we were there. No views of anything interesting.
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