Walmart Supercenter

Ray Wilner
Oct 6, 3:54 AM
It's ok. They seem to have a personal problem. Not enough people to do returns. Some departments are short on personal. The man in sports was very helpful and tried to help all customers.
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Ashley Canyon
Sep 24, 11:33 AM
It's a great Wal Mart but Patti at customer service first shift was so sweet and patient when she had no help Patti was a pleasure I'll come back to visit her anytime!
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Andrea Lynn
Sep 11, 1:11 PM
I want to give this Walmart in outstanding thank you for answering the phone and getting an answer to my question immediately. I called this Walmart To find out if there were lawn mowers in stock I was quickly told yes and I was quickly able to get ahold of someone who could tell me what models were available. This was a very big deal to me because I spent time driving to another Walmart and nothing was in stock and then I called another Walmart the Walmart in Eastgate and I got hung up on the first time the second time I was put on hold for an extended. Of time and I just hung up. The Walmart in Mason has it together and I feel like they recognized because not every Walmart will even pick up the phone.
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Frank Stieg
Sep 6, 8:07 PM
It is Walmart. Just fine. Clean. Well organized. Easy self checkout. Had what we needed (and of course also bought some things we saw and had not gone into the store to buy).
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Cassandra Martin
Jun 10, 4:37 PM
Very big. Well put together. Great items to choose from. Personally I didn't care for some of the workers. Seemed to have attitudes. I didn't see a door greeter either.
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