Walmart Supercenter

Lynda Steinhauer
Jun 23, 11:42 AM
Store was clean. Posted distance of safe space and clean from virus. Deli was very slow in getting my order done. I was only customer. Check out quick.
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Joann Yeager
Jun 18, 9:35 PM
Always like going to Walmart. But I'm not loving the brands of clothing they have chosen to go with. The Time and True and the Terra and Sky, I believe are two brands that I just do not like at all. The shirts are so thin, you can see right through them. And the jeans aren't made right. The pockets stick out and you're constantly having to push them back in. And I absolutely hate stretchy jeans! Why can't they just make regular jeans like they used to. And blouses that you can't see through that are long enough to cover your belly?! But, in pretty styles and colors?! I'm definitely not rich! So, I can't afford to shop at Belk. I have very little clothing, due to the fact that I mostly shop at Walmart. And I don't like 95% of their stuff.
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Amy Kallaher
Jun 14, 9:37 PM
The employees do try to make this a nice place. I constantly see employees stocking shelfs. The only thing bad I can say about this Walmart is there are times when we like a product and then all of a sudden its gone. And it might be months before it comes backs of it comes back. I wish they would keep consistent products in their shelves.
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Erica N
Jun 11, 11:53 AM
It's normally stocked up with essentials and the new self checkout lanes are definitely essential. I only go if I feel like I wanna do a mini field trip lol.. other than that we go to target for the smaller store feel and quicker checkout.
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R Ravi
Oct 21, 3:34 AM
This Walmart is closest to my house. The customer service is excellent here. The staff are friendly and we always had pleasant shopping experience. We mainly come here to get fruits, veggies and milk. We also buy other monthly stocks of groceries like cereal, butter, nuts...etc also here. No complaints so far in any of our visits.
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