Border Crossing

Ciara Gernon
May 8, 3:56 AM
Great CBP officers!
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Mikhail Abbott
Sep 23, 12:09 AM
Quaint lots of construction usually huge line ups so dont use ?
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Steven Thai
Aug 28, 4:59 AM
Best border crossing I've experienced so far. The officer was very nice and helpful. He cleared up all the confusion we've had about traveling with our dog and what we can bring to the US.
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Casey Darbyshire
Aug 26, 4:34 AM
Passed through on our way home after the Blue Jays game seemed to be the shortest wait (25min). Guard was serious, but very polite and efficient! Also definitely beat the 2h+ wait at the other crossings! Will be using this crossing again!
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Corey Reynolds
Jul 7, 3:57 PM
Don't waste your time with Peace Arch, cross here instead if it's open. From here to Blaine via H Street is a leisurely country drive at 35 MPH with almost no stopping.
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