AMBEST Fuel Stop

toonsish .
Apr 7, 1:34 AM
Got stuck here for hours and waited for tow truck. The guys were awesome and helpful to show us showers we could pay for and a washer and dryer to clean our clothes. For being stuck here for 5 hours it didnt feel like it.
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Rob Strickland
Mar 5, 8:14 PM
Got stuck in an unexpected snow storm on hwy 80 heading to Reno Saturday night, then got stuck by Cisco Grove Chevron! Talk about taking advantage of customers - they charge 3 times the retail price (nearly $100) for chains! I get it. You have the right to take advantage of people, but that doesn’t make it right. Don’t support businesses that screw customers.
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Ali Alempour
Feb 25, 5:06 AM
Adrian and Baljeet were fantastic. After a long drive we took a 30 minute break here and these guy are quick, professional, and very welcoming. Took care of everything with a nice dash of hospitality. Highly recommend stopping here for gas or a quick place as a rest stop. Love these guys!!! They’re awesome.
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Suzzie Mcgreen
Nov 23, 6:02 AM
The gas pump was fast to fill up. On the water in the bathroom had a blow dry for your hands on top of it. We got are food and it was a quick in quick out.
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John Bosch
Nov 19, 6:13 AM
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