Fellow Trucker
Jun 26, 3:10 AM
no police
some spots
Chris L.
Nov 20, 2:05 PM
Crew of custodians working diligently the whole time we were there! Now wait a minute! Did someone tell them I was coming here to write a review? I am not...
Pamela Kruse-Buckingham
Jul 20, 5:22 PM
A well placed rest stop on Hwy 99. We watched the sun go down there, it was lovely.
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Andrea Curry
Jun 19, 5:35 AM
I don't usually find rest stops remarkable enough to review them, but this one is very nice. It has several picnic tables, each in its own little alcove. Women's restroom was very clean (I would assume the men's was as well, but I didn't check, for obvious reasons). Plenty of trash receptacles. It even has vending machines. It's nice.
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Daniel R
Jun 16, 4:16 PM
Easy to get off hwy and take a break or have a snack.clean and felt safe
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Cindy Sappington
Jun 1, 11:41 AM
Always clean. Nice place to stop for a break šŸ‘
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Amy Flores. Mimi Flores
May 22, 2:02 PM
Pretty clean. The man working was trying to get restrooms clean but we women just kept coming. šŸ˜‰. He was polite and let everyone use it even though Iā€™m sure we held him up. BTW he was outside the restrooms while women came and went. Nice area to walk around.
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Sandy O.
Apr 17, 10:36 AM
Not bad for a rest area. Some nice flowers. Green grass. It has vending machines and pay phones. The restrooms were clean and stocked. Easy off and on the...
Ida H.
Mar 31, 9:51 PM
When it comes to rest areas, I'm always a fan. After all, it's there when you need it most! This little stop was no exception. There is plenty of parking...
Fellow Trucker
Oct 17, 10:27 PM
no police
some spots