Gerald Longjohn
Jul 13, 2:31 PM
I have always liked the service and choices available at the Turnpike service centers, but I particularly appreciate the customer service offered by their manager and staff when I needed a duplicate receipt almost a month later. Thanks for going the extra mile cheerfully and efficiently!
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Tom B.
Jun 11, 5:10 PM
It's small with not a lot of parking and really no parking for the amount of trucks passing by but at least the gas prices were pretty competitive. They...
Fellow Trucker
Apr 26, 7:46 PM
some spots
Daniel B.
Feb 15, 1:45 PM
What an absolute shithole. Basically the only place to a park a big rig to service a major city like Pittsburgh. Like 20 spots, for what maybe 500 trucks...
Serghei Cerbusca
Dec 1, 4:26 AM
Truckers need two copies of the fuel receipt. The cashier refused to print the second one. Nov 30 at 11:20 pm
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Bob D.
Aug 31, 5:00 AM
While taking the turnpike home the other day got sprayed with paint at the Allegheny Valley exit all over the front of my car. Called the turnpike and all I...
Taras Povoroznyk
Sep 16, 5:07 AM
Fuil desk gay's Nat give mor receipts end am never came dis plaza.
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Mark Vannauker
Nov 5, 8:04 PM
Not nearly enough parking, but if you can find a spot it's a good stop to rest up at.
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Terry S.
Mar 11, 2:55 PM
Do not stop here network never working so you have to get cash at the ATM that charges a fee Stay away if you can!!!!
Kent M.
May 26, 6:36 AM
I didn't get very far between stops on my trip, but this service plaza did the trick. Plenty of parking for the transient traveler, roomy and spacious...
Clifford S.
Feb 4, 10:56 AM
When I am on the road, I like to fill up before I stop for the night. This gas station was located close to my hotel. It was clean, efficient and got the...