Walmart Supercenter

Aaron Grimes
Jun 9, 12:34 PM
Great hospitality, needs updated asap! Needs better clothing options, amd food was very depleted both days we went to this location.
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Judy Seacat
Jun 4, 5:30 PM
The place is so clean it seems the building is so much larger. Even the shelves are clean and be dusted!
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Max Abbott
May 30, 5:52 PM
With all the restrictions going on from Covid19, they seem to be doing a good job. Especially considering how busy it was today. There good amount of food in stock. The staff was polite. I know they have to a knowledge us with a greeting, but can we tone it down some, I'm buying cheese itz, not trying to make you part of my family.
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Tina Key
May 29, 11:25 AM
Gabby was wonderful. So polite and careful with my bags. Loved the fast service. Appreciated to he bag of samples...several of which I'm going to buy. This was my first time using pickup. I'm sold.
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Tammy McKinney
Jan 24, 9:21 PM
The store is clean. That's a real plus. I appreciate the low prices. Here are some things that I did not really care for at this store... There were associates shopping (for customers I assume) with bigger than normal carts that would block isles while looking for particular items. I even had one push in front of me then hold me up. Slightly frustrating to be honest. The other thing I wish was different is more variety of items and arrange them and isle identifications better. It was difficult finding certain items (if I did at all).
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