Walmart Supercenter

David Criss
Sep 23, 5:59 PM
The paint department and the paint was excellent 👍. I've not used this brand before but it's what my customer wanted and I'm pleased with it. The department manager filled my order quickly, the price was unbeatable at $22/gal, and it paints well. I'll use Walmart and ColorPlace Ultra again for sure.
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Steven Odd
Sep 13, 4:21 PM
I shouldn't have to wait in line twice, once to pay, and again for you to check my receipt for the stuff I just waited in line to pay for. Not to mention the fact this chain has chosen to alienate customers by not selling firearms and ammo for the most popular weapons in the nation. For shame!
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Michelle Noonan
Sep 8, 4:41 AM
I was broke down today at this store. The employees in the auto center went above and beyond to help me get back on the road and home back in Evansville safely. I can not express how much this meant to me bc I had no one to help me. They deserve a raise and some huge recognition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Brenda Kemp
Aug 9, 11:27 PM
There's never enough people, or checkout lanes servicing customers. I'd rather pay more for my products at Jaycee store, than standing in line at Walmart. In today's society, time is valuable. Not everyone uses debit cards. I'm 60 years old and will never use a debit card. Walmart needs to takes lessons from Jaycee. Customers like fast, friendly service. 👍
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Casaundra Dorton
Aug 8, 11:03 AM
I don't want to work at Walmart so why do I have to check myself out? Offer a discount for self check out. It takes forever to get checked out. I avoid the store now because of this. I feel like I'm being searched every time I leave. Has this stopped shoplifting cause I don't like being stopped
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