Walmart Supercenter

Staxx Rose
Jun 23, 11:15 PM
Clean. Went for skates for my nephew. found them. Quickly in and out self checkout
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Jun 20, 6:46 PM
Be aware: even though it appears to say the Auto Center is open on Maps for this Walmart, it's not true. It is posted on the Auto Center doors that it is closed until further notice. Don't know why though. All the OTHER car care centers around Killeen are open. Whatever. I'll go somewhere else.
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Stacy Heetderks
Jun 20, 5:46 PM
Went to Walmart today and they have a lot of signs up : enter this way, stay 6 feet apart, mask. Even went through the big self check out lines and there are signs up about wait here and we weren't even done checking out and the employee manning the area called next person over to start putting their stuff on the belt. It's pretty to hear Walmart spouting all this but the employees don't even follow their own rules. We won't be back for a good while since they don't care about their customers.
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J ckild
Feb 22, 8:36 PM
Stopped selling Turbotax, guess they don't want to compete with the Jackson Hewitt scam artists.
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Brittany Walker
Jan 21, 5:01 PM
Five star service! I called and spoke with Javier (who was very helpful) for a quote on three new tires before coming in. When I arrived Keith showed me how to check the tread on my tires and it turned out I only needed one new tire instead of three. Definitely saved me some money!!! I dropped the car off and grocery shopped for about 30 minutes. They had my car pulled around and done before then. Very fast and good quality service. The gentlemen at this auto service location are doing a great job while helping customers save money. I am very grateful. Would recommend this auto center!
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