Walmart Supercenter

Amanda Erickson
Aug 30, 7:08 PM
Always come here to get my hair done at the salon and never had a bad hair cut. I have super thick curly long hair and it’s never been butchered. They have Redken Biolage and Paul Mitchell products which is super convenient.
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Whisper Miller
Jul 24, 10:31 PM
I love the self checkouts! Usually very clean and spacious parking lot. Has a wide variety of things to purchase with many options for the same item in varying prices and brands. Definately a good place to shop!
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Gregory McClendon
Jul 15, 6:41 PM
Went to the vision center and ordered glasses for my daughter. Was told they'd arrive in 7-10 business days and that the store would call to let me know. Waited the time and never got the call. Had to call and wait to find out the glasses were there. Wouldnt be so bad if my daughter could see without them, obviously.
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Brandon Hall
Jul 5, 7:52 AM
Just like any super Wally world, organized, clean, and always had a crowd. The crowd issue has actually been better since a new location was added across town but this is Killeen. The males bathroom is always clean when I end up having to utilize. Tote center was excellent as well as returns and exchange. When I had to make the return, I didn't have my wallet with me, they took the part from me anyway, full refund and was able to purchase what I need with the cash. Great store.
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Angela Gomez
Jul 2, 11:23 PM
I just like this place because they gave me a hard time Cashing a payroll check I recently got married and my name is hyphenated but it clearly shows my maiden name on my driver's license as well as my hyphenated last name I also presented a copy of my marriage certificate showing my maiden name and I was told that it was not a legal document I've never had a problem cashing my payroll check in Austin but yet this Walmart wanted to give me a run for my money I told them okay good day I will not return back here to do business with y'all and this way again the lady said okay we're not losing anything I looked at her and her face and I said may God bless you I went over to the H-E-B downtown Killeen and guess what they cashed my payroll check without giving me any problems there's a reason why you hyphenate your name so that you're still able to cash certain things that come in your maiden name unfortunately my nurse's license will not allow me to change my legal name because it goes by the name that you registered your nursing license in so your payroll will come in that name so if you're trying to cash a check at Walmart and your driver's license doesn't have your exact last name on it even if it is on it they're going to give you a hard time maybe she was just jealous that my check was higher than hers I don't know.
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