Chris Collins
Jun 28, 12:56 AM
During my visit to gallops I had stopped into the McDonald’s on location to get food while I waited for their gas systems to come back online, I made it home to discover that the meal was incorrect by giving me only a bun, mayo, and cheese when I asked for a mcchicken with only cheese. Upon calling gallops the cashiers told me “you are asking to much” when I simply asked to be transferred to McDonald’s to get a refund then hung up on me. Poor customer service, and horrible customer relations.
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Alex Mast
Jul 29, 10:10 AM
Not my favorite speedway. It is a little tight getting around the parking lot. But it's still speedway which I am a loyal fan of.
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Floyd Shinn
Jul 14, 11:27 PM
gassed uip there 9/23/13 $25 7pm
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