Sep 18, 7:13 AM
no police
some spots
Scott A. Shultis
Jul 15, 5:37 PM
As rest areas go, this one is pretty nice. I wouldn't make a special trip just to visit, but if you're on the freeway and need a break, this place is here for you. Conveniently located near the offramp and onramp, this rest area offers free parking, vending machines, volunteer sponsored free coffee (sometimes) and a place for pets to do their thing as well.
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Christine Pearson
Jul 9, 2:35 PM
Well stocked and cleanish bathrooms. They also have soda machines and fences around each picnic table for privacy. The park area is grassy with trees. There is also a walkway behind the rest area as well. Also has a RV dump site.
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Megan Coburn
Jul 3, 2:41 PM
We really enjoyed this rest stop. It was a great place to stretch our legs for a bit and let the kids run. It was wonderfully clean and had a nice back-lit map which I imagine could come in handy.
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Ken Saylor
Jun 24, 5:27 PM
June 24th 2018 2 years to the day from the last time I got maple bars here from the wonderful ladies who make them and serve them to the westbound Travelers thank you again it was a pleasure to meet you and to meet the maker of the maple bar two years after my first one. 6-24-16 Woke up this morning to find the coffee hut open, with many home baked goods. Thank you so much for the coffee. This is a beautiful rest stop.
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Pamela Evans
Feb 25, 2:44 PM
It was nice and big for kids to run around, trails. Warm, clean bathrooms nice picnic tables. One of my favorite rest stops of my family when making the Spokane to Seattle run.
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Jack Reports BOT
Dec 22, 8:39 PM
truckertor saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
May 17, 8:07 PM
RobertIlsleyTrucker saw the police near the site