Brian Klennert
May 21, 9:44 PM
Nice place to stop and rest restrooms are very clean
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jerome braman
Mar 8, 6:48 PM
Nice and clean like that place to stop
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Jan 18, 5:47 PM
Very clean and maintained. Looking forward to next visit. Going to eat a bunch before I get to the area!
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David Tyrrell
Nov 24, 2:07 PM
Very nice rest area with a view of the lake.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 22, 7:02 PM
2 cmv across the highway at Erskine scale
many spots
Isydia Vibes
Oct 1, 9:40 PM
great stop if you like nature and want to get away from amenity-packed travel centers. this one has washrooms and over night parking for cars and tractor/trailer (semi). It's also on a lake, the view is spectacular
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