Tom B.
Apr 20, 11:59 AM
It's my go to place for gas and fresh coffee also the lot is nice and big so if you have to rest a couple hours they don't mind. I like that you have a...
Ginny S.
Jan 4, 7:10 AM
Very friendly people here! Willing to help with your needs while on the road. Justin was a great help at this travel center. It is also kept very clean and...
Nov 1, 1:53 PM
lots of spots
Patrick Phillips
Jul 19, 2:45 AM
Been stopping here for a while now and most of the time the store is in good order and the staff are 9n top of their costumer service but today July 18, 2018 was a different story.. shower was out of soap, store was not fronted and faced, floor was dirty, cashiers were busy talking about who goes in break first and the management, well never saw anyone who resembled one..3 fuel islands were closed..the rest were not maintained and very dirty..went to subway and had 2 dwelling chalanged people ask if I had extra change..not a good experience at this pilot..
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Joe Bender
Jul 4, 4:04 AM
One of my favorite places to stop while I'm cruising through Nevada. It's quiet here with a nice big parking lot, the facility is clean with very super nice folks that work here.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 19, 8:08 PM
some spots
Joe Hopp
Jun 12, 10:52 PM
This Pilot stop had almost everything your heart desires when traveling. Unlike most I have patronized, this one had a nice casino. Everyone was polite and it was a good stop for us. All the normal Pilot stop ammenities were available.
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My Tablet
Jun 5, 6:08 PM
Subway... yippee Good fruit, needs more Clean place, they care Better survival food Quick on and off Trucks and cars use the same entrance exit.... careful Only 3 bathroom stalls. Small Friendly helpful people
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Andrea B.
May 28, 7:31 PM
Really nice Pilot travel center, clean, busy!!!! Convenient and easily located. Cheaper than Chevron too. It was a fairly quick stop. Just got some snacks...
Dotchi Latham
May 9, 9:36 PM
Best coffee ever! I love Pilot coffee. Oh and the store was clean and everyone was nice. But the coffee is why I go there! And the gas is good. The coffee is excellent. The cashier's are always helpful. I bought a bag of coffee because I love it so much. Definitely try the coffee.
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Jan 25, 12:00 AM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Jul 21, 7:37 PM
lots of spots