Fellow Trucker
Dec 18, 8:00 AM
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Sep 20, 6:16 PM
lots of spots
Will B.
Jul 31, 6:00 AM
As a person who grew up in Dothan, we had always been a passthrough to the beach. I went to college telling people I was from Dothan and so many people...
Mar 3, 5:21 AM
some spots
Billy Demers
Jan 22, 12:47 AM
Was part of the original employees that opened this fine establishment. Am very glad to see the example we set is still going strong.
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Teresa Girton
Oct 11, 10:40 PM
Food was not up to par We waited 15 mins.before waited on.And twenty mins for food.There wasn't anyone there.Disapointed
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Michael Norton
Sep 19, 12:25 AM
Very nice. Food at Denny's was very good. Good truck parking but get here before 8 pm Central Time.
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Glenda Mcgowan
Jul 9, 5:49 PM
I had a grilled chicken, pecan and cranberry salad. I had about 4 small pieces of chicken that was rubbery , I thought it wasn't cooked but it wasn't bloody. But I couldn't even chew it, so I left the chicken and ate the rest. The tea tasted soured so I traded it for water. We eat there a lot but today even the people that was with us didn't like the way the service or the food was they left most of their food on the plate.
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Mike Bullistow
Jun 7, 3:44 AM
It's good place to do business very nice staff and they will help you with what you need for traveling, tourists, truckers great showers low fuel and gas prices awesome food, fountain drinks and auto and truck supplies. Great TV room also​. Just an all around good place to do business at St the corner of south oats street(232 South) and ,the Ross Clark Circle
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Richard F.
Jan 13, 7:52 PM
Great place to stop and fuel up. They had the best price of anyone is the area. Store is clean and so are the restrooms. Wide variety of coffee flavors and...
Christina K.
May 28, 10:09 AM
When traveling south to Florida, we usually end up making a pit stop for gas, beverages and of course the bathrooms at Flying J. It's a large, very well...