Patricia McKee
May 14, 4:10 PM
Great Store!
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Apr 27, 12:12 PM
Filled up my car on 4/26/18, not even a mile down the road my car sounds and feels like it’s going to die. Took it to 2 different places and was told the gas I had bought was watered down.
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Ryan Schlangen
Mar 8, 5:11 PM
Only has regular (87 octane) gas. Nice people inside though
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Kalin Chupp
Sep 19, 3:08 PM
The staff are very nice and the inside area is decently clean. However, I nearly passed it the first time thinking it was abandoned since it looked so dilapidated. The outside area needs a serious remodeling.
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Brad S
Sep 16, 3:23 PM
Very remote and appears abandoned. I would not stop at night. Old speedway and wouldn't go inside.
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