Tamra Fakhoorian
Sep 5, 7:09 PM
The vegetation is fascinating. Bathrooms are clean but I really loved getting to see native plants and trees up close.
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Ladonna Nickason
Jul 31, 5:49 AM
Very clean facility. Nice pet walking area.
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Sparkle Blu
Jul 6, 5:02 AM
Another stop of rest. Pretty clean and perfect for a few minute rests. A few minutes in a safe zone e is better than on the highway as cars and truckers zoom by
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Roberto Aguiar
Apr 28, 5:34 AM
nice x truck driver a lot room to park my big truck .thank texas
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Lance Hairston
Feb 21, 1:17 PM
All the rest stops in west Texas are dirty and offer no ac or heat. For someone who grew up in Texas I know we can do better. I want to apologize to anyone who travels through my state and has to deal with this.
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Fellow Trucker
May 18, 3:30 AM
no police
some spots