Jack Reports BOT
Jul 16, 1:21 AM
kgtrucking saw the police near the site
Felix M.
Jun 23, 5:30 AM
Great little stop! Rest area worker lady was very nice! Loved my dog Lil Red, she takes great care of this place and is proud to do it!!
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Lexi Vazquez
Jun 22, 5:53 PM
Good place to stretch out after a long drive. Restrooms were ok.
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Tamra Sanchez
Jun 18, 5:45 AM
This Safety rest area was Safe enough for us and others to take naps.Bathroom was clean and a mural of San Antonio Church was Awesome to look at!
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Laura H
Jun 5, 8:56 PM
Rock and dirt landscape so if your doggy is use to green grass.....good luck finding it this time of year. The bathrooms were not very clean.
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Fellow Trucker
May 18, 3:30 AM
no police
some spots
Mike Jones
May 11, 4:35 PM
Super nice, clean rest area. Clean bathrooms, drink and snack machines, air conditioned. A great place to rest your weary eyes.
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