Ericka S.
Jun 22, 2:41 PM
Clean restroom with cheap TP and paper towels stocked and available (most important lol) and plenty of porcelain thrones were available. Inside the...
Tina R.
Feb 5, 6:54 AM
Clean restrooms, small; but has picnic areas & vending machines. Travel materials & maps offered. Truck parking...
Fellow Trucker
Feb 2, 11:42 AM
no police
lots of spots
Hannah C.
Jul 20, 5:29 PM
I swear Alabama has some of the nicest rest stops! There is free information, free restrooms and so beautiful here. This is a great location to pull off and...
Jamie Rogers
Jul 16, 12:59 PM
Nice place to stop to walk around and use the bathroom. The restrooms were nice and clean. Plenty of lights on to make you feel safe at night. Good selection of vending machines and the prices weren't terrible either. They also gave big vehicle parking
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Tommy Lawrence
Jun 28, 4:32 PM
Good clean facilities. State of Alabama maintains their rest areas, keeps them well lit and safe.
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Michael Daum
May 19, 12:59 PM
Cute picnic areas covered and uncovered. Very quiet area. Pet friendly rest area with old time outdoor water pumps to fill the water bowls or let the kids experience pumping water out of the ground.
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Sarah Schmitto
Apr 6, 8:08 PM
Great place to take a break from driving at. Workers are always nice and quick to help anyone find there way if needed or just to conversate. Sometimes in the wee hours when everyone in the vehicle is sleeping, us drivers almost beg for anyone to talk to. Even if it is just to reawaken the small pieces of our brains that are slowly drifting off to join our passengers in there slumber. They have always been fast to oblige as well as more then willing to not laugh at us as our brain cells slowly reawaken and we make no sense at all. Lol thank you all.
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Will Ramsey
Mar 31, 2:43 PM
I live in another state. During my entire life of travel I have never visited a rest stop that was staffed. Couldn't believe how clean it was. They have vending machines and offer other services. I was able to pick up a free map and other Publications that gave me great tips.
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 21, 1:11 PM
no police
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Aug 4, 2:14 AM
no police
lot is full