Walmart Supercenter

Troy Becker
Jun 21, 4:58 PM
Very nice and clean store. The employees I interacted with were pleasant and helpful. I like that the deli preslices and bags cheese and lunch meat. Not all of them do this and I found it was a helpful and time saving offering. Only issue I had was I was looking for sliced cheese and most Walmarts keep all of the cheese products together, but this one keeps sliced cheese separate. Made me look around a lot and waste time.
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Wizard4169 .
Jun 5, 12:28 PM
Everybody at Walmart has been doing a great job keeping the place stocked and running through the current mess, and they've managed to be polite and helpful despite the stress. I just want to say thanks to all of them.
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april taylor
May 29, 4:21 PM
Order was perfect. The people dealing with deliveries are doing g an awesome job!
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Misty Arrowood
Apr 27, 8:24 PM
Pretty good. Struggle in customer service management. The cashiers are wonderful.
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Gary Carver
Feb 10, 8:25 AM
Had a great time in there and saved a bunch of time and mo ey but the terminals need to be updated for faster use and different types of credit card functionality.
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