Fellow Trucker
May 5, 3:27 AM
no police
lots of spots
John Barton
Jul 8, 5:45 PM
Clean rest area. Views are nice
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Yohance Edwards
Apr 21, 10:45 AM
Bathroom very clean. Clean fresh outside air. And playground
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Dave Den Adel
Mar 31, 1:45 AM
The only West bound rest area on I-680. At 22 miles long, anymore might be overkill ?? Nice and clean rest area with surprisingly good views. Looks just like it did when Lewis & Clark stumbled accrossed it. I bet your the only one there as I-680 only gets like 12 cars a day on it. Can you believe the parking here is free ?? Drive crazy !! 🤡🤡
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Dianne Martin
Nov 13, 6:02 PM
The West Bound Loveland Rest Area is a open view rest area. Beautiful site and i have never seen it dirty those Rest area Maintence people keep it extremely clean, their contractor is BCS. Well done West bound Loveland rest area! Keep up the great work!
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Nancy Isebrand
Nov 1, 1:02 AM
Old and small. Beautiful view overlooking valley. Restrooms work and are clean. NO extra features
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