Pilot Dealer

Tawauna Dawkins
Jun 18, 1:30 AM
I'm traveling for 8 hours looking for a microwave to warm children's and they food didn't have one
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tom murphy
Jun 8, 6:23 PM
Place is hard to access and leave if you're northbound. Parking is strange: a few spots up front, and a large dirt lot out back. The air conditioning is terrible. The restrooms are dirty and in poor repair. No paper towels near the sink. The Dunkin was ok because they wear gloves. I've stayed at far worse truckstops.
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Deborah Montieth
Jun 3, 1:47 PM
Had fuel which we needed. Did not go inside building during this pandemic. Parking lot was full so no chance to park.
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Andrew grant
May 31, 11:52 PM
The chicken place was closed, the store was hot, AC was not existent, showers were extremely hot and humid because there's no AC. If I was pilot I would pull my name off this location. if they had a 0 star rating I would give it to them
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Aug 15, 12:55 AM
The staff during the day seemed good but in the afternoon they where awful. All of them wanted to be on the phone while they worked and acted like they where being tortured for having to be there. This pillot is very weird. They have random stuff all over the place. Stuff from dollar tree randomly placed all over the store at marked up prices. Old toys abd stuffed animals. They real food they do have is barely even stocked. They have showers but no laundry or drivers lounge. Calling this place a truck stop is a joke. Barely any truck parking unless you go over to the sandlot next door which is set up really weird. Theres trash everywhere and overgrown grass. The place really just looks barely kept up.
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