Michelle J
Jan 6, 10:28 PM
Super clean and easy to get in and out of
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D.J. Lin
Oct 8, 2:21 AM
U need a break to continue ur trip. Mort de fatigue.
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Bob Anderson
Aug 29, 4:29 PM
These little stops are all across Quebec. They are great, there are clean washrooms, and usually a little canteen serving food. They are similar to the rest stops on the interstates in the USA. All I'm a setting that looks like a little cottage, from the outside.
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Richard Filion
Aug 9, 1:06 PM
Great spot to stop & rest. Too bad they don't have recycling bins... (and if they have it's not clearly indicated, couldn't find them)
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 7, 12:19 AM
no police
Dean Ku
May 6, 10:03 PM
Clean facilities. We stopped here to check our tire pressure. Parking lot is nice. Treed area is great for dogs.
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