calvin foster
Jan 10, 10:35 PM
Love the coffee bar and fresh drinks. Their donuts and sandwiches are always fresh. Great place to stop!!!
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Melissa M.
Dec 26, 1:56 PM
Coffee is always fresh and the staff here are always kind and helpful. Glad to have them in the neighborhood!
Pete Breckinridge
Dec 14, 1:28 PM
Does allow truck parking, but only has 4 spots, unless additional signs are removed! Quiet, nice/clean restroom, great selection of coffees, donuts, and deli sandwiches & salads. Staff is very friendly; overall a great place to stop. Only 4 stars because I’d like to see the remaining “no parking” signs removed, allowing for a few more trucks.
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Farmer Jess78
Nov 22, 7:41 PM
Staff is very friendly! Amazing selection of coffee, hot tea and food. Convenient location right off the interstate.
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Jesus Echartea
Oct 12, 5:41 PM
Paid 50 gallons of fuel but my car only showed 25 gallons, I am not using Shell fuel never again.
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Kylie Mccloud
May 22, 5:01 AM
During the morning and afternoon it has excellent and very nice staff but at night they have one person that is rude and it makes me not even wont to go to that store and im a usual customer there atleast everyday more than its making me want to rethink my shopping places..
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Geoffrey S.
Sep 25, 8:30 PM
Lines! Clean Lines! Decent food Lines! Always a line of people in the morning (they can't seem to manage staffing or checkout correctly) I have...
Marie B.
Jun 8, 10:47 PM
This is a nice lil convenient store and gas station located off of interstate 24. Since I found that the premium gas prices are much higher due to its rural...