Jerry W. Hulse Truck Driver Preacher Evangelist
Nov 20, 1:52 PM
Great place small but great with great people especially Miss Kourtney
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Jackson Taylor
Sep 19, 1:43 AM
My experience here was TERRIBLE because of the bathroom. In my stall, there was a gap in the door at least a finger width wide. The picture truly doesn't do it justice; I feel like people could easily/clearly see through to me doing my business, even accidentally. I felt extremely uncomfortable the whole time I was in there. It didn't help that an employee was in there (during a finally quiet moment when no-one was standing directly outside of my stall able to see me) for several minutes changing the trash bag and restocking supplies, etc. I do give him props for actually doing those things, but he seemed pretty gruff when doing so as well, so that didn't make anything any better.
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Lydia Waffleman
Sep 12, 2:17 PM
They ripped me off when they charged me for gas and lied about me being reimbursed!!!! Loves gas station sucks... Lady was rude and discourteous...
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Erica Del Toro
Jun 29, 4:16 AM
This gas station lies about their price I drove extra miles and passing other loves gas stations that were actually cheaper than this one. I did go inside to let them know that they are advertising the incorrect gas price and all they had to say is sorry and they don't know why that price is on Google and their own website.
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Stae Hodgin
Mar 24, 9:56 AM
OMG! One of the only reasons I stop here is because they had Krispy Kreme. Well they don't have them anymore! What a disappointment! Bring them back!!!!!!
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 5, 4:06 PM
lot is full