AMBEST Fuel Stop

Jake Miller
Jun 22, 4:11 PM
Great place! We got unleaded gas for $1.889! Clean bathrooms. And good snacks.
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Bennie Tilbury
May 2, 1:54 AM
Good place to stop. Clean restrooms good selection. Some truck parking when everything around was full.
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tinker'n e-round
Feb 6, 1:10 PM
Pulled through the fuel island to the pull up. I am a two way and can't back into a spot. I stopped to use the restroom and purchase something to eat for breakfast. I was there no more than three minutes and woman came into the men's room and asked me to leave because I was blocking her island. Apparently fuel sales are more important than food sales so I left.
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james fierce
Jan 13, 6:22 AM
The staff is extremely nice! It is really good! I enjoyed being service here
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John Bosch
Sep 14, 1:22 AM
cute small truck stop clean inside. cheap diesel few parking lots
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 2, 11:47 PM
some spots