Tanner McDonald
May 6, 4:58 AM
Not the cleanest, not the dirtiest. Definitely sucks about the universal shower but glad it's here right now considering my situation.
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Joe Elven Jr
Mar 6, 3:54 AM
Bs truck stop... They shouldn't even advertise as a truck stop. Unfriendly unhelpful staff. No towels, no soap, no private bathroom provided for showers. This is why pilot loves and ta/petro are so popular... Because they are consistent and provide good services and showers. Oh and if you have a card with a worn out chip.... No way around it in order to swipe your card. Useless attendants had no idea if there was a workaround. It is your job to know these things.... Tragic. Utterly useless pos truck stop.
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Terri Finn
Feb 21, 2:03 AM
Great place . Really clean . A variety of items snacks . Souviners . Etc. Plus a taco time in side .. quick and easy
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Remy LeBeau
Feb 7, 7:22 PM
If you're not hispanic, you will wait an average of 5 to 10 minutes to get helped. You will wait until they have finished their chat if you're lucky, or they'll dented you to the next one. I walked out happens almost every time I've been there, and they clean the bathrooms at peak times. Never again.
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Alonzo Morales
Nov 14, 6:36 PM
Good place to go. Clean and good environment. Jeanine is really funny and sweet she makes it fun when I go fuel up. Great place
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Frederick P.
Oct 7, 4:23 PM
I am rating this store only against its competition like a circle k or seven eleven. This place was clean and had a nice variety of snacks. The bathroom...
Jeremy Allred
Jul 27, 5:52 AM
We never leave Wendover, NV without spending over $100 or more in trinkets & things for Gifts, Holidays or just for us. Staff is always nice & working hard so think they should get a kudo's for that. I will also be telling the manager tomorrow how well as I believe I lost my wallet & this was the last place we visited before walking back to our Hotel room.
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Emmanuel Cardenas
Jul 22, 8:47 PM
This Shell didn't seem as well kept as others, I would have loved to see stickers ensuring that the gas pump hasn't been tampered with. Prices were reasonable, but I do suspect there is a premium because this is mostly a gambling city. Overall, I can't really subtract stars based on this one experience, but we'll see next time.
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Laurie Bolin
Jul 5, 3:06 PM
Love the people who work here, very nice! Love the Crispy chicken as well! Always clean. Variety of items are available.
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Mike C.
Jun 16, 9:00 PM
1.) It's Wendover.... 2.) It's in a shop in Wendover..... 3.) Why did I think this would be good....in Wendover? 4.) Why am I in Wendover? I mean,...
Bree L.
Jun 11, 8:55 PM
Supposedly they close at 11 PM yet we came in to order at 9:30 PM and they were "closing down" so we couldn't order any burritos. We had a 2 hour drive...
Kaevin F.
Jun 11, 8:48 PM
Showed up at 935 when it says open till 11 and was told we couldn't order hardly anything on the menu because they were preclosing. The menu items they...
ken isaac
Jan 30, 7:27 PM
The employees were helpful, and the store is very well stocked. The restrooms were very clean. It exceeded my expectations for a truck stop and convenience store.
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nik cr
Jan 24, 8:54 PM
Good truck parking lot👍 Good food on "TacoTime", on the second floor.
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Melissa H.
Jul 10, 9:41 AM
Great road tripping stop off. Has all of the important things you want in an "on-the-road" gas station. -Large -Well-lit -Clean Restrooms -Safe -Off of a...