Fellow Trucker
Mar 26, 2:57 AM
Best pilot on the road , but worst exit drive out of it
lots of spots
Fox E.
Mar 15, 12:10 AM
When trouble is nigh, life seems to just Pilot on and Pilot on some more. This is the Pilot where I got gas on the way to Ohio coming back from Texas, and...
Lee McDaniel
Jul 22, 2:48 AM
It's a truck stop. Was on a bus load of people who stopped at 10pm, and that put a look of panic on the poor girl working the Subway when we all came in, but she got us out quickly and no problems. She probably needs a raise. Oh and I didn't have time to prove that the Gatorade I got was clearly on a shelf marked 2 for $3 and not 2 for $4, as they rang up. Thanks greyhound.
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Sue Boyd
Jul 13, 1:09 PM
Small location but thoughtful and clean. The reason for this post is because of one detail I've never seen in my 8 years of trucking.. hooks on the front of the sinks! This is a genius move considering sink tops are usually covered in water! Way to go to this location!! I am VERY grateful for your attention to detail! 👏👏👏👏👏
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A Smith
Jul 12, 9:08 PM
We travel between Chicago an the Florida panhandle and Chicago and Denver to see family and regular basis and stop at Pilot's for gas, snack items, great coffee, and clean restrooms. This is the first time we has stopped at this location and the first three were as expected, however the bathrooms were disgusting. I don't know if Pilot or Subway is responsible for the cleaning, but someone needs to take ownership and keep them clean. I haven't seen bathrooms this bad for years.
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 6, 11:16 PM
lots of spots
Mirask W
Jul 3, 2:25 AM
Usually this place is absolutely perfect. The bathroom was not clean that time :/ sorry guys. It's my job to be honest.
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Dodd D.
Jul 1, 6:56 PM
Typically I stop at the Pilot one exit North of this Pilot. However, there was road construction and concrete barriers were in the middle of the interstate...
Lori S.
Jun 16, 9:51 AM
The Pilot travel center is a great place to stop directly off of the interstate with very clean restrooms. There is a Subway sandwich shop inside, as well...
Lance Clark
Jun 11, 8:53 PM
Easy on and easy off of the freeway- which is important when towing a large fifth-wheel. Staff did not know how to operate/authorize the satellite pump on my aisle, so there was about a 15 minute delay in fueling, which is why no 4th star. Otherwise, a good place.
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