Aaron Bayes
Aug 26, 9:04 PM
Free fast chargers, picnic tables, and bathrooms, plus room for fido to stretch.
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May 3, 9:35 PM
I've seen cleaner, I've seen dirtier. But when you gotta go.... The women's seat was at least clean. The men's...shame on you guys. There are 6 electric car plugs here. Easy in with an rv and easy oit
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Wendi Munday
Mar 24, 7:43 PM
Great spot. Too bad some pet owners do not clean up after their pet poops. Shame on you.
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Richard Seguin
Dec 16, 9:45 PM
It's hi and a good view from there
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TomBrenner in Canada
Dec 31, 3:41 AM
The view from here is spectacular. If your lucky and can have a clear day great.One place that is hard to leave as the scenery will take away your breath. The street view pic is not correct and depicts the wrong location as it doesn't show valley below and the city of Osoyoos
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