Laura C
Jun 13, 10:23 PM
Well lit and clean bathrooms. Little bathroom areas for dogs and vending machines for snacks.
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Akaude Josephine
Mar 17, 3:06 PM
Beautiful scenery with amazing landscaping The toilets are clean Friendly environment for people and animals
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 14, 12:55 PM
few spots
Barbara Dixon
Apr 24, 5:33 AM
One of the best rest areas I've ever stopped at. And I've stopped at many! Clean, designed very nice and beautiful landscaping!
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Jessica Siewrattan
Jul 22, 8:25 PM
Super NICE rest area. There are very well kept bathrooms and a separate vending area. The pet exercise area is shaded and very well manicured. Plenty of benches and several picnic tables. I saw at least one park grill. Recycling options available. Truck and handicap parking available.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 20, 6:14 AM
no spots
Apr 7, 5:07 AM
Very clean, peaceful rest area. Easy to spot from the Interstate. Entering and exiting the rest stop is simple enough to understand. Drinks and snacks available for purchase and I noticed a picnic table out front of the main building. Coupon and discount books available behind the building containing snacks. Was very surprised by how clean the entire area was.
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