John K.
Oct 14, 5:49 AM
Gas only accepted cash, and pumps old. Hardee's slow and unfriendly. Wished we'd gone elsewhere.
Jordan R.
Aug 23, 11:57 AM
For Red Burrito: I wish 0 stars was an option. We ordered a quesadilla and burrito as we were given not very much selection for anything else at the rest...
Jason Heeres
Jun 16, 5:45 PM
Gas is a blessing to be able to purchase at any time.
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Frank G.
Mar 15, 9:07 AM
Ken.. his name was ken. He was the manager at Hardee's who said "we've already processed your order, there's nothing we can do". The burger was 4.79 but...
Tashina A.
Dec 23, 5:13 PM
Hardees Service-good Timely-reasonably fast 3-5 min wait Cleanliness-clean Food-was good. Overall no complaints. Red Burrito Service-Poor the guy was very...
Aug 14, 9:36 PM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
May 17, 12:25 PM
lots of spots
Visonary Valley
May 16, 12:31 AM
Big parking lot great for a quick stop or meal! Even got a RV hock up and dump!
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LillyPLayzGamer XD
Apr 27, 1:22 AM
Good service and good price
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Abigail S.
Nov 27, 6:44 PM
The Wyandot Service Plaza is a little microcosm of 'Murica, and if you can stand the chaos, the people-watching is priceless. All manner of diverse...
Ariel R
Aug 31, 2:38 PM
There is a lot to like about this place but the part that stood out was the managing staff at Hardees. He was very upbeat, polite and all around wonderful. There is free Wi-Fi, free showers for truckers (but I'd recommend wearing shower shoes) a coffee shop and pressed pennies for collecting. There is lots of parking and a great coffee shop. I love Ohio service stations.
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Amy C.
Jul 31, 2:53 PM
Easy off and easy on. Plenty of parking. Clean with more than one food option. This one was VERY warm today but over just fine to meet the road Tripper's needs.
Kathy Ortega
Jul 24, 3:47 PM
Very clean. Staff is nice. Lots of parking. They have a souvenir shop, Hardee's, Gloria Jean coffee and a lounge place for the adults and a play area for the kids. It also has showers for the truckers and free Wi-Fi.
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