Shaun Wooden
Jul 13, 4:39 AM
Have you seen a rest stop. Exactly like that
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James Stiling
Jul 11, 3:05 PM
clean and good selection of items in vending machines. easy to park while towing camper trailer
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HC's World
Apr 4, 8:37 PM
Clean and modern. Overnight parking. Drink machines have weird choices so if you want a regular soda you're only going to get Dr. Pepper. They have ice cream, snack, and coffee machines. Cleaning man did a wonderful job and took it very seriously. He needs a raise!
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ben doogel
Mar 19, 10:15 AM
Stopped there on the way to Muskegon due to drinking too much coffee earlier. Lucky they had an open urinal to pee in otherwise,,,,, Appears it was a local meeting place as a group of men were having a meeting in the restroom.
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Bruce Geffen
Feb 28, 11:40 PM
Always a comfortable and clean rest area for a quick stop.
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