Geraldine Chitate
Sep 15, 2:49 AM
Smelled like urine and there was quite a bit of garbage on the ground, we even accidentally stepped in dog poop. That being said, there was a great view and it was spacious.
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agis insuranceagencies
Sep 4, 12:28 AM
Very pretty area and welcome on the road trip.
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Abdullah AlBiladi
Aug 26, 2:59 AM
Good place for reset and have your food. However, at night the washrooms were full of mosquitos and they are big guys. I’d recommend you to have your off spray before using them.
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Elsa Miranda
Aug 5, 12:43 PM
Went here to park overnight with 27’ RV. The private vehicle section is marked “only for picnic” & only have space for a 2-3 small to med sized RVs if anyone interested. We decided to park on the commercial truck section to be safe.
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Brian Peyton
Jun 14, 7:54 PM
Great place to stop for a rest, picnic tables,washroom and great view.
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