New Retro 1.
Apr 19, 9:24 PM
I've been to many rest stops in my life and I must say that this one has the greatest friendly staff. f The bathrooms are well kept up and clean. And so is...
Fellow Trucker
Mar 10, 11:32 PM
lots of spots
Kalvin K.
Feb 24, 4:17 AM
Hustling and bustling service area right next to the NJ turnpike. They have fuel from Sunoco and food options available. Naturally they have clean restrooms...
Fellow Trucker
Nov 3, 3:51 PM
lots of spots
Jules Y.
Aug 12, 4:51 PM
This is a reliable clean rest stop here in NJ! There are lots of gas stalls outside for personal and commercial vehicles; inside find usual amenities for...
Jul 30, 5:17 PM
some spots
Giang-Tien M.
Apr 29, 6:28 AM
The prices are higher as you are on the highway 95. It was eight cents per gallon more for regular gas than fueling off the highway. The access to the ten...
Alex Joosten
Jan 9, 12:02 AM
Don’t let you wash windows for free.
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 4, 11:29 PM
some spots
Sari Marissa G.
Nov 12, 5:56 AM
Headed out of town over the weekend, our tire blew on the highway! Thank goodness for my smart, always cool, calm, collected (and sexy) husband for getting...
Dominik D.
Oct 14, 6:24 PM
The service was relatively quick despite a lot of thirsty cars. I was happy with the pump attendant and the price was what I expected.
Oct 1, 3:16 PM
The employees here are great. Sunoco did a good job with the way these stations operate. However the convenience store is way to small and management here is horrible. Will start at the top with District manager Wayne Caton. The man is justva big bully and out of touch with the common employees. The general manager of this location Matt Onofrio walks around like he is better than everyone else and when one of his shift managers pushes employees around he defends the shift manager and than accuses the employee of being on drigs, which was just false rumors. I know an employee that worked their nearly 5 years and worked hard and was super reliable. Another fellow gas attendant named Anthony a heavy set fellow became a manager and gavevthis hard working employee a hard time at every turn. Stuck him in the spot where you got wet when it rained. Stuck him on Diesel.pumps the best tip days. Anthony bullied the guy for a year. Finally one day Anthony accused the good worker or doing a minor mistake. Said he was going to write him up. The employee flipped out at this guy Anthony. Anthony walked away with his tails between his legs like a wuss and than wrote the guy up. The guy called Wayne Caton to report the problem and Wayne did notveven bother to call the employee back. The employee came in on Monday for work and took said employee in office and instead of asking what happened just read his own right upvto the guy. Said in write up their was a witness to Anthony bullying employee which was falsevemployee asked who witness was Onofrio had no response. Onofrio continuedvto read write up saying employee is being terminated on this day, instead of talking to employee. Matt Onofrio than accused the employee of being on drugs with no actual proof. Employee tried to explain it was justva personal issue with this terrible manager Anthony, Matt knew it was true but stuck with false accusations instead. This employee gave Sunoco 5 years of dedicated service only to be treated like that in end. Furthermore afterwards Matt told this employee he must leave the premises or he would call the state police. However it was a Turnpike service Area and Matt had no right to force person to leave and cant do that. The employees rights were violated badly. This employee applied for a job at the next service area up the road and got hired and worked their two days. On the second day they were arleady talking about putting him on road service duty, thats how well he did. On Monday that service area let this good person go as well, because bully Matt Onofrio called to force the man be hired. Matt Onofrio general manager of Sunoco 7012 is a bad person and a bully, besides a horrible nanager. Anthony the shift manager treats everyone like trash has no regard for anyone and is a bully, if you stand up to him he runs away to his office and hides behind his write ups. The management at Sunoco 7012 along with District manager Wayne Caton are terrible managers and cant manage. They should be replaced with better peoole. The hard working dedicated employee of 5 years, who was treated awlful should get reparations for what was done to him and he should be re-hired at the service area just North of Joyce Kilmer 7012 in Woodbridge. He needs a job, he isca good man and a hard worker and deserves to live the American dream. Management of sunoco 7012 poor. (There are a few good managers, but the bad ones over shadow the good ones). Big Wayne shift manager should take Matts place immediately. Wayne caton has got to go!
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Bruce schaff
Aug 30, 9:16 PM
Very nice full service gas station
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What did iDEW
Apr 12, 10:57 AM
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