Walmart Supercenter

Yeshua Of Nazareth
Jun 21, 3:33 AM
It's a decent walmart considering the town it's in. Produce and meat is generally lacking compared to other locations but there's a great selection of goods. Just don't count on everything to be fully stocked if we're still in the covid mess. Friendly staff too!
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Traci Brown
Jun 19, 8:10 PM
It was very clean and organized. The employees all have masks on and were abiding to Covid-19 guidelines. It was very refreshing to see in this new world that we are living in today. Thank you Walmart!
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Rhonda Freisthler
May 21, 7:46 PM
Sidney Wal-Mart has done an amazing job though all the Covid 19 changes. The employees have worked hard to keep shelves stocked and help everyone in this trying time.
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Mar 17, 11:14 PM
They're doing the best they can. Bare shelves and freezers. You can see what brands of foods aren't good because no one's bought them. Lots of shrimp. Be patient folks. Love one another. Help others. Do random acts of kindness. Ease someone's load. We've got to almost fall to get through this if then. Urbana Walmart has more food and some supplies (detergent, bleach, etc.). PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!
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Lori the Herbchick
Dec 7, 4:31 PM
It's a Walmart. ?‍♀️ what else is there to say? They have your typical Walmart offerings.
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