Walmart Supercenter

Sharon Geissler
Sep 29, 3:34 PM
I wish there were more options in this area but it certainly adequate.
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Norma Simpson
Sep 4, 5:43 PM
Was awesome. Had some great sales. Large selections.
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becky reed
Sep 2, 8:57 PM
Loved the Dr Scholls Career Shoes for their tread design and slip and oil resistant features! When I went to find a new pair to replace my current pair, they didn't carry them anymore and the other types of shoes they carried either didn't have my size available or didn't have all the features I was looking for! Also, when there is a major holiday, combined with schools going back into session, need to have more registers opened to cover the volume of shoppers!
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Dawn Blevins
Jul 18, 3:18 PM
Well I love the self check out since I can pack my stuff how I wish them to be an makes it easier when I get home to put the stuff away. I also love how you can get clothes an other things as well as your food items. Saves me lots of time besides going to two separate stores. But for those that don't like to scan their own things I will say I noticed many times there's not enough register's open for these shoppers.
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Karie Bell
Jun 17, 1:15 PM
I do 80% of my shipping here even though sometimes shelves are bare and items need restocked. Many times I have bought a product for a good while and then it gets discontinued. Great value brand items. It gets frustrating but I still go there due to convenience and certain items I like that only Walmart carries.
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