Walmart Supercenter

Ryan Foster
Jun 17, 8:04 AM
Great as usual. Would prefer the normal hours to come back or at least extended past 8:30pm. One of my main reasons for going there was the 24hour availability.
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Dan Evans
Jun 10, 9:06 PM
Wow! Awesome, personal Customer Service from Fred. Fred went above and beyond to help us locate and purchase our Blackstone grill. He was friendly, courteous and helpful. I believe he may be a Manager......but if he’s not he should be! Thank you Fred for taking such good care of us.
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Stay Positive Reviews 4 You
Mar 16, 9:55 PM
There is still food here I can't complain. I found paper towels that will be tissue. Go in the morning and evening different shifts for sticking. Lines were open we were very happy. Stay positive everyone and work together to help others.
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Tara McAdams
Feb 29, 8:37 PM
It is always best to checkout your own stuff even if you have a basket full. There is rarely more than just line 11 (the tobacco line) open on any given day. Trying to find a manager of a department on the floor can be difficult. The employees are pretty nice about helping you when they can however.
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Imelda Martinez
Jan 12, 8:46 PM
This Wal Mart is ok.. You can tell who is here to work & who are the slackers. Some of the employees are awesome and ready to help others they try to avoid you.? It is pretty clean and the bathrooms well kept up if I may say. You can deffinantly tell they love their aggies here. A&M all over the place. I would of gave them 5 ? but the managers need more customer service training.
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