Walmart Supercenter

Frank De Leon
Oct 12, 6:16 AM
I had a very bad experience at this Walmart today. I arrived about 5:00 PM and the guy placing the order, after talking my information, after I asked said it should be 45 minutes or so as there were 3 other oil changes ahead of me. I said, no problem and I would walk around the store. I shopped for a couple items and returned about an hour later. The service techs had not completed any of the cars ahead of me. It took another hour or so before my vehicle was ready. After that I had to go to the front cashiers in order to pay. Worse experience at a Walmart ever.
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Russell Heck
Sep 30, 9:45 PM
A week ago we purchased security cameras for our home and after installing them they did not work properly. So we returned them 3 days later with no problem. The next day the refund went back into our account. But then a day later we notice that the store recharged our our account as if we went to the store and purchased the cameras again. Turn out the charge was done not long after the return. And management had little to say about it even after looking at the surveillance footage. So Walmart shoppers beware. Now we have to go through our bank and desput the changes.
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Seamus Burke
Sep 10, 2:51 AM
I stopped in to pick up my 1 hr photos after getting email confirmation they were printed. Not to my surprise they were printed but no one could find them for over an hour. Nor did they think "hey, let's just reprint". The guy behind the desk was so high he could not read the words on the paper. I am disgusted with the poor quality of help they have and it's not getting better. I would shop anywhere else if I were you. Horrible place
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Binglin Guo
Sep 9, 4:29 AM
I had a bad experience when I was shopping in Walmart, College Station, Texas. After I checked out, I asked the guy who helped me with the checking out, as:"may I have another bag?" Then I got an answer of "No, our bags are limitted". I felt unbelievable and add:"because we don't have a car and have to hold by ourselves, one bag may be broken for a long distance". But he didn't give me another bag finally. I just required a plastic bag and I have my real reason and with polite words. I don't understand why he refused my request. I really had a bad experience there.
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Jul 5, 10:45 PM
I found several hot and cold reusable compresses. Both brands at an excellent price and they're reusable. They either have a pouch or you can use them directly on your skin (Equate). They were just what I needed.
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