Ilya Pankin
Jul 18, 3:50 AM
No parking available at all for trucks. Stuff told me owner has bunch of his equipment parked in the lot. If u are trucker keep on going if u have time. Bathrooms are dirty place is really dirty and old. I don’t understand why do owner don’t pay attention on this stuff.
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Jared Lundholm
Jul 5, 6:22 PM
Really small inside. A pizza hut and a Subway inside. The bathrooms are small and dirty. No toliet paper in the bathroom, had to use paper towels.
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Mar 31, 5:11 PM
lots of spots
Lywana Bourland
Jan 31, 12:07 AM
Dirty while resturant manager staff was talking on cell phone personal and in restaurant the employees were eating and making there own food. A young manger was complaining about customers calling them stupid. The counter had coffee all over while manger cussed about other empoyees. we waited for food our pizza the staff was eating while mak8ng our food before and after.. All tables were dirty went up staffs and all tables were dirty and filthy. It smelled really bad. In vathrpom.disgusting as well. The store clerk was an older guy very nice and friendly. I would be ashamed to own this store or work there. I hope they do someth9ng. Please close and disinfect the store and the employees other than the older store clerk he was great.
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Roger Rodrz.
Jan 12, 4:17 AM
The place is a little. The men's bathroom in the women's bathroom are not together so that is a little confusing at first. It has a beer freezer which is cool and it does have gas pumps and also diesel couple of parking for trucks also overall it's a little convenient but. 5o está you can find a Mini Pizza hut and a Subway, they do close up around 9pm. The prices are pretty high on everything. The bathroom always look dirty.
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Andi Marie
Dec 14, 11:14 AM
The store could use a good cleaning, especially the ladies restroom. It's old on the inside but offers a decent selection. Outside looks remolded. Plenty of truck parking in the lot next to it. About 10 spots at actual stop. The PIZZA HUT is the ABSOLUTE BEST we've EVER had! It tops all the actual pizza hut restaurants we've been to. Pizza hut is my husband's favorite so we've been to many while traveling. Can't believe how fresh and tasty this locations small set up was. It gets a 10⭐ Not sure about the subway here but the same employee was running it as well so I'm assuming it was just as good and fresh. The man and women working on 12/13/17 took pride in their work!
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Will B.
Dec 6, 7:07 PM
Need to stop for a pee break? This place works. That's really all I have to say about it. They have food here but looking at the place I wouldn't eat...
Shawna W.
Nov 25, 4:26 PM
Totally dirty, awful service, disgusting bathrooms. The attendant was to busy flirting with a girl to clean up urin and restock toilet paper. Obviously the...