Jul 26, 6:24 PM
For Canadian Standards, perhaps this is lovely? After 5 provinces of the Trans Canada Highway, I lowered my standards quite drastically as to what to expect in Canada for relieving the body. This one was "functional" For US traveler Standards, this outhouse rest area is yet another one of the fine high quality nasty smelling, lack of plumbing style Canadian crappers you'd expect in the 1930s- where you get to see and smell all those who came before you. I guess it is better than soiling yourself. And there aren't any other options for miles and miles. After enjoying the natural odors of other people's passages, take a few steps to the Time Zone Change marker for some history fun.
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Sukh Virk
Jul 18, 10:44 PM
- Nice, Quiet and Green surroundings. - Proper waste bins were placed. - Bench's can be added more. - Washrooms could be more better.
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hicham BAGUI
Jul 16, 2:14 AM
Nice for a nap
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Yoni Katsman
Mar 13, 10:04 PM
Nice place to stop. Lot's of Wolfe's!!!
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Viktor Vas
Oct 9, 3:59 PM
A safe rest stop, Where the time zone changes. Basic Bathrooms Non-flush. But good enough in a pinch and not much else available especially at night for a good distance in either direction. There's room for a few trucks also.
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