Christopher Owen
May 4, 5:25 PM
Nice rest area to take a break from driving.
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Michael Thompson
Jan 2, 6:21 PM
My wife and I walk out of this public rest area bathroom and straight into Utah State Troopers. For no reason what so ever we were questioned as to why we were there, who did the car belong to, and on and on. Our rights were violated, we were detained by these POLICE OFFICERS, I told them to get a warrant to search the vehicle, but they ran the dog around it and because the handler can make them bark at any time, they said it hit on drugs. Searched the vehicle anyway, as the will always do. This was and is a warning to all that don't look Mormon, it profiling at it's most illegal!!!
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Pat Stafford
Jul 19, 7:36 PM
Nice rest area
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Apr 8, 7:02 PM
Looking for a place to boondock near Bryce Canyon National Park? This parking lot isn't ideal, but all the campsites in the area were snowed in and we were left with this as Plan B. We're so grateful that this place was near by. Just keep in mind this place DOES NOT ALLOW camping. There are signs that specifically restrict camping of any kind. But we needed a place to rest for the evening in our truck and this was just that! You can't set up a tent or stay long term with a trailer or RV. It is JUST a rest area after all. + Beautiful rest area with nice views + Great proximity to Bryce Canyon National Park + Restrooms are one of the best I've experienced at a rest stop -- CRAZY CLEAN, heated, warm running water, spacious, and well-lit in the evenings + They have a lovely picnic area with benches and coal bbq grills. A fantastic place to stop for lunch if you're in the neighborhood + Large parking lot that can accommodate trucks, trailers, and RVS + Dumpster in the parking lot if you need to throw away some garbage in your vehicle if necessary. Otherwise I would suggest pack in pack out, LNT. + We saw two other people parked here overnight for the evening so it felt pretty safe yet secluded. + Cars came in and out through out the evening to use the restrooms + Rest stop is patrolled and monitored so just make sure you follow the rules and respect the shared space. Note: UT website says : "All rest areas are posted for no overnight camping. However, extended stays are permitted and are monitored by the on-site staff and the Highway Patrol. There are no RV hookups or dumps or camping facilities at any site."
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Jesse Robinson
Jul 27, 10:20 PM
I use this rest stop every time I travel I to Garfield county. Great location and hardly ever being used by more than a few vehicles. Picnic tables and restrooms. Easy access from Hwy 12 just past milepost 10.
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